Here, I have collected the different projects I have done/been a part of since the beginning of my advocacy career. Some of these are still running whereas others are now finished. 
If you would like to get in touch with me about helping a project of your own contact me via email at or on Twitter @_caseyarmstrong



Since the beginning of my advocacy career, I have had multiple interviews with the BBC. I have done a series of radio interviews with BBC Radio Leicester as well as two TV interviews. 

I have spoken on the radio with Leicestershire Cares about the projects they are doing and how they support me. One of the TV interviews, on BBC East Midlands Today was also done supporting Leicestershire Cares. The second was independent from them and speaking about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted me. 

Watch it here:



Myself and another care leaver Diana have created a podcast with Leicestershire Cares called 'Fostering a New Approach'. We started this during the COVID-19 pandemic to discuss how it has been impacting us and share some tips. We aim to get guests on from different backgrounds to help amplify a diverse set of often unheard voices.

Watch the first episode here:



I work as something called a Young Advisor. I am part of a team of 14 young people all passionate about mental health. We all helped to organise the Let's Get Mental conference with the theme on education. This was the second one we put on but the first one I was involved in planning. I was a part of the panels and also delivered workshops on looked after children in education. 

Read the conference summary here:


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